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At Pro Power Paint, we have a skilled team that can remove paint and rust for you easily. We can customize our services to your needs. Whether you need complete restoration, sandblasting, or powder coating, we can get the job done for you.


Our sandblasting services include rust, paint, and debris removal. For large projects, we use our top of the line 20x 30 foot sandblasting zone with an outside unit. In addition, we also have an indoor booth for smaller projects such as transforming old furniture into a masterpiece.

•  Railing                                  

•  Signs

•  Awnings                              

•  Wheels

•  Trailers

•  Commercial and Industrial Sandblasting

•  Car frames                     

•  Auto parts

•  Patio Furniture

19 X 32 X 12 Sandblasting Room to take on all of your sandblasting needs.
Sandblasting All Year Round
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